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"I have been fortunate enough to have been using OAXRAY since beta. In my opinion, it is as indispensable for my OA purchases as UPS Smart Pick-Up is for shipping. I can succeed without either tool, but OAXRAY can cut my sourcing time from four hours a day to 30 minutes. I honestly believe every OA buyer can benefit from this if they take a few days to learn how to use it."

- John Cyscon III,

"OAXRAY is THE sourcing tool that I use most often. I haven't seen a better way to analyze literally hundreds of different items at one time yet!"

- Ken Szovati, Reseller Central

"Started using the OAXRAY Extension last month and went from 20% OA to over 50% OA in my inventory. It is the simplest way to source. Best invention since the Scanning App."

 - Stephen Gmys

"OAXRAY does in one search what it takes a VA an hour to do. If time is money, then it's hard to put a value on it."

 - Travis Ross 

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